Korean News Update – Dec 1, 2009

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Korean Culture Current Events & News

Daily Tidbit: a quick cartoon shows how to improve the color of your kimchi.

Korean Stories:

Fan Death – The debate about fan death continues in this long conversation on fan death.  As of now there are 100s of comments ranging from interesting to annoying.   The conversation take place here – “Are there any Koreans here who believe in fan death? (The idea that sleeping next to a fan will kill you)” – but it doesn’t answer the real question as to if fan death is real, or not.

K-Food Focus: The spicy rice cake called dduk bokki (떡볶이) is prepared in this video which includes ingredients.  If movies are too much you can view this alternative post with  photos and a 떡볶이 recipe.

Korean Culture Current Events & News


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